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Shelf life is important to everyone and MOO-ville has been able to attain a long shelf life of 23 days. With quality milk it allows it to stay fresher longer. For new stores first month, we do 100% on returns. MOO-ville milk, when delivered to your store will be fresh, bottled within the last three days.
Thank you,
Doug and Louisa Westendorp & family
MOO-ville Buttermilk
Made the old fashion way, a by-product of our MOO-ville butter with cultures.
MOO-ville Cheeses
Comes in a variety of flavors including MOO-ville Cheddar, MOO-ville Garlic Dill Cheddar, MOO-ville Cheddar with Bacon, MOO-ville Cheddar Habanero, Moo-ville Cheddar Jalapeno, MOO-ville Montery Jack, MOO-ville Montery Jack Garlic Dill, MOO-ville Colby, MOO-ville Colby Jack, MOO-ville Curds, MOO-ville Garlic & Dill Curds, MOO-ville Sliced Cheddar, MOO-ville Shredded Cheddar, MOO-ville Sliced Swiss, MOO-ville Sliced Munster & MOO-ville Sliced Hot Pepper.
MOO-ville Eggnog
The best tasting eggnog around. It sells itself. Made with real sugar and no high fructose
corn syrup. Eggnog is not a new product but one that we will have available from Halloween
thru New Years.
MOO-ville Butter
available in 1lb. butter blocks
It's made with our MOO-ville cream & is lightly salted & tastes like homemade butter.
MOO-ville Ice Cream
Available in 3 gallon pails and 56oz. containers. Our hand-dipped is a 16% cream content,
making it the creamiest ice cream available on the market. We make our ice cream weekly in 56oz. container and 3 gallon plastic pails. Over eighty flavors to choose from and made from high quality ingredients.
MOO-ville Soft Serve Ice Cream
Available in one gallon containers. Our soft serve is a 7% cream content. This mix has been getting very high reviews and people come to our shop just for the soft serve, which is quite impressive when there are over 60 other hand-dipped flavors they could choose from. Get
creative and add lemon or peppermint to get your customers talking or keep it original with chocolate and vanilla.
Ice Cream Cakes
Specialty Themed and Baked cakes are also available upon requests.
Whole & 2% Milk
Red and Blue cap. All milk in Michigan legally must be pasteurized, but the line is also homogenized. Similar to what other companies bottle yet it tastes better because of less processing and has a longer shelf life, (20 days; sell by date) because of how clean MOO-ville
milk is.
Skim can be set apart because of how well our customers like it. Our skim is by far the best tasting skim milk bottled. Skim milk again tastes better because of less processing. We use cold separation process instead of a hot process like the large companies do.
Creamline Whole & 2% Creamline Milk
Just a reminder that this is non-homogenized milk, where the cream rises to the top. Helping those lactose intolerant people be able to drink a more natural form of milk. The Creamline is less precessed because it is not homogenized, so therefore the milk is in its more natural state, allowing the body not to have to work so hard so the body can digest the milk.
Some people have said it is the best chocolate milk ever. We attribute that taste to using pure Michigan sugar and whole milk. We've also selected a high quality chocolate.
About MILK - Call Troy or Levi
About CHEESE - Call Levi @ 269-838-8075
About ICE CREAM - Call Troy @ 269-838-4428
246.50 130 3.5 12 12 0 12 D.I. Milk Protein Concentrate 70 SERVING PARAMETERS Reconcile Totals: g / 8.0 fl. oz. Serving g Fat / Serving g Carbohydrates / Serving g Sugar / Serving g Fiber / Serving Calories / Serving g Protein / Serving

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