MOO-ville Premium  Ice Cream

Over 80 Ice Cream Flavors to choose from
Please Note: As you know we are a small, family run business that makes a variety of high quality ice cream flavors in small batches. As a result, the flavors listed on the menu below may NOT always be available every day. So, if there is a particular favorite flavor of yours that you want to ensure is available on the day you visit us, please call us in advance; otherwise, we don’t want you to be disappointed that we may not have made enough of that flavor! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We really appreciate it
HOMEMADE "ON SITE" MOO-ville Ice Cream!
Here is a list of our available ice cream. Enjoy!
Not all flavors are available in 56oz containers
MOO-ville Ice Cream Flavors
Almond Joy: Coconut flavored ice cream with almond pieces, coconut flakes, and chocolate chunks
Amaretto Cherry Chip: Cherry ice cream with chunks of chocolate and maraschino cherries from Traverse City
Baconator: Maple ice cream with real pieces of bacon mixed in... surprisingly delicious!
Banana Foster: Banana Foster ice cream with a burnt caramel swirl
Black Cherry: Natural Black Cherry ice cream with sweet black cherries from Traverse City
Blueberry Cobbler: Blueberry Cinnamon Ice cream with a blueberry swirl

Bubble Gum: Bubble Gum ice cream with pieces of gumballs mixed in
Butter Pecan: Natural pecan ice cream with salted pecans mixed in
Candy Bar Coma: Vanilla Ice cream with Twix, Snickers, Kit Kats, and Butterfinger mixed in

Caramel Cashew: Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and salted cashews
Caramel Green Apple: Green Apple cinnamon ice cream with a caramel swirl

Chocolate: Just plain chocolate


Chocolinator: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, Oreos, and a fudge swirl

Chocolate Almond: Chocolate with nutty almonds mixed in

Cookie and Cream: Vanilla with real Oreo cookies

Cookie Dough: Vanilla loaded with Cookie Dough pieces and chocolate chunks

Cookie Monster: Blue Moon ice cream with Oreo and cookie dough pieces

Cotton Candy: Tastes just like cotton candy

Cow Trails: Vanilla with a hardened chocolate swirl and peanut butter cups

Dreamsicle: Orange flavored, like a Dreamsicle push-up!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Swirl: Dark Chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl

Eaton Barry: Red raspberry ice cream with black raspberry & strawberry swirl


Expresso Oreo: Coffee Ice cream with real oreos mixed in

French Vanilla: A classic ice cream flavored with dark creamy custard like flavor

Grasshopper: Mint ice cream with real Oreo’s mixed in

How Now Brown Cow: Swiss Miss hot Chocolate flavored ice cream with marshmallow’s and chocolate chunks

If you aint Dutch, you aint much: Dutch Cookie Butter Ice Cream with Speculaas cookies mixed in

Jalapeno: Vanilla ice cream with Jalapeno Pepper... Hot stuff

Java Chip: Coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks and a fudge swirl

John Deere Tracks: Mint Ice cream with peanut butter cups and a hardening chocolate swirl

Key Lime Pie: Key Lime ice cream with a graham cracker swirl

Levi’s Special: Chocolate ice cream with buckeyes and snickers mixed in


Luscious Lemon: Lemon flavored ice cream

Lemon Poppy-seed Cake: A refreshing lemon ice cream with poppy-seeds and lemon cake mixed in

Malted Milk Bulls: Malt flavored ice cream with whopper pieces


Mackinaw Island Fudge: Vanilla ice cream with fudge pieces and a butter fudge swirl

Meet Me for Coffee: Coffee and Sea Salt Caramel ice cream mixed together with a whipped cream swirl

Mint Chip: Crème De Menthe ice cream with chocolate chunks

Mountain MOO: Tastes just like the popular soft drink

Nice Ice Baby: Yellow Cake Batter Ice Cream with a chocolate Icing swirl

Nutter Butter Blast: Peanut Butter ice cream with pieces of Nutter Butter mixed in

Peanut Butter Brownie Delight: Texas Peanut Butter ice cream with fudge and brownie bits

Pistachio Nut: Pistachio Ice cream with real whole Pistachios mixed in


Praline Pecan: Vanilla Ice cream with candied pecans and a praline caramel swirl

Raspberry Chip Cheesecake: Cheesecake flavored with a raspberry swirl, chocolate chunks and real New York cheesecake pieces

Reese’s to the Rescue: Vanilla ice cream with a swirl of peanut butter and pieces of Reese’s

Sea Salt Caramel: made with real sea salt and caramel that melts into the ice cream, a sweet and salty combo

Sea Monster: Sea Salt Caramel ice cream with Oreos and Cookie Dough pieces mixed in

Stars and Stripes Birthday Cake: White Cake Batter ice cream with Blue Frosting and Red pieces of cake

Strawberry: Strawberry with real strawberries mixed in


Strawberry Cheesecake: Cheesecake ice cream with swirls of strawberries and New York cheesecake

Swirl Twix A-Lot: Cookie Butter Ice Cream with Twix pieces and a caramel swirl


Tashas Tornado: Peanut Butter Base ice cream with buckeyes and chocolate chunks mixed in

Triple Threat: Chocolate ice cream with chunks of brownies and cookie dough pieces


Supercow: Enjoy the superman flavor with a new farm felt name to it... Cherry, Blue Moon, and Lemon ice cream all swirled together


Udderly Delicous: Sea Salt Caramel Ice cream mixed with heath and a fudge swirl

Vanilla: Pure Vanilla ice cream using real high quality Vanilla Extract

Non Dairy Chocolate Dessert: Made at out facility with a Almond Base



Raspberry Sherbet: Red Raspberry Sherbet
Orange Sherbet: Taste just like the push up pop


Caramel Green Apple (Fall): Green apple ice cream with a rich caramel swirl
Corn off the Cob(Fall): Butter flavor ice cream with real corn
Eggnog(Winter): Eggnog flavored ice cream for the holidays

Maple(Spring): Maple flavored ice cream with chunks of real maple syrup candies


Oh My Pumpkin Pie (Fall): Taste just like a Pumpkin Pie


Peppermint Stick (Winter): Peppermint ice cream with colorful pieces of green and red hard mint candies