Farm Fresh Dairy  Products

A family fun destination with great fresh dairy products!
Come visit Moo-Ville for old fashioned down-on-the-farm fun and flavor.
Using only the freshest highest quality ingredients, MOO-ville Quality Creamery offers pasteurized cream line (non-homogenized) milk and homemade ice cream in assorted and seasonal flavors.  We also offer ground chuck or patties, cheese curds, butter, cinnamon butter, garlic butter, sliced, shredded, and block cheese.  At MOO-ville, there is no question where our products come from - just look up the hill at our farm.  We are a one source creamery!

Pig Trough


The MOO-ville Pig Trough is a masterpice of...
15 scoops of ice cream (5 flavor choices)
5 different toppings
and topped off with whip cream and cherries.
Enjoy this dessert with a friend or conquer it yourself. If you finish in an hour or less, by yourself, you will  get a FREE I conquered the Pig Trough at MOO-ville T-Shirt!
(The MOO-ville Pig Trough is $25)
We dare you to try it!

Nashville Location

5875 S. M-66

Nashville, MI 49073

Tel: 517-852-9003

Ionia Location

The Udder Store

162 E. Tuttle Rd

Ionia, MI 48846


contact us- Please call us to set up any tours

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